The Research Grant Recipients
USA China Korea Japan

University of California, Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Assistant Professor Michael Lustig
【Theme of Research】
Rapid and Robust Compressive Pediatric MRI
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Assistant Professor Benjamin Recht
【Theme of Research】
A Convex Framework for Large-Scale Data Analysis
Stanford University
Department of Electrical Engineering
Associate Professor Eric Pop
【Theme of Research】
Tunable Thermal and Thermoelectric Metamaterials
University of California, Los Angeles
Computer Science Department
Assistant Professor Tyson Condie
【Theme of Research】
Towards a Big Data Application Server Stack
University of Southern California
Computer Science Department
Assistant Professor Jernej Barbič
【Theme of Research】
Fast Simulation of Geometrically Complex Multibody Systems in Contact and Self-Contact
California Institute of Technology
Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Assistant Professor Katrina Ligett
【Theme of Research】
Rigorous Foundations for the Elicitation of Sensitive Data
Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics Institute
Assistant Professor Yong-Lae Park
【Theme of Research】
Bio-Inspired Soft Robotics with Novel Sensing and Actuation Mechanisms


Peking University
School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
Professor Yizhou Wang
【Theme of Research】
Computational Theories and Models of Task-Driven Visual Scheduling
Tsinghua University
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Professor Juanzi Li
【Theme of Research】
Cross Lingual Knowledge Base Construction
Fudan University
School of Informaton Science and Technology
Associate Professor Guomin Yang
【Theme of Research】
Optimal Design of Antenna Arrays for the Wireless Power Transmission System
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
School of Electronics, Information and Electrical Engineering
Associate Professor Min Tang
【Theme of Research】
Multi-Physics Characterization of 3D System in Package


Seoul National University
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Jong-Ho Lee
【Theme of Research】
Scalable Neuromorphic Devices with Full Synaptic Functionalities
Korea University
Computer Science Department
Professor Sungdeok Cha
【Theme of Research】
Honeypot CAPTCHA: Changing the Rules of CAPTCHA Game
Yonsei University
Department of Computer Science
Assistant Professor Kyoungwoo Lee
【Theme of Research】
Fusion Sensing Framework for Emerging Internet of Things Era


Yokohama National University
Associate Professor Ikufumi Katayama
【Theme of Research】
Development of Ultra-Broadband Frequency Standard
Saitama University
Associate Professor Masataka Ohira
【Theme of Research】
Research on Miniaturized High-Selectivity Bandpass Filters for Next-Generation Wireless Communications Using White Space Spectrum Resources
Aoyama Gakuin University
Assistant Professor Ryosuke Suga
【Theme of Research】
Development of Design Methodology for Metamaterial Wave Absorber
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Researcher Takao Murakami
【Theme of Research】
A Study on Secret Search of Congestion Information
Osaka University
Assistant Professor Akira Uchiyama
【Theme of Research】
Congestion Estimation for Trains Using Smartphones
University of Hyogo
Professor Nobuaki Ohno
【Theme of Research】
Research about Efficient In-Situ Visualization
Teikyo University
Associate Professor Norihiro Kamide
【Theme of Research】
Paraconsistent Temporal Logics and Their Applications
Osaka Prefecture University
Professor Katsuhiro Honda
【Theme of Research】
Privacy Preserving Location Detection by Face Image K-Anonymization
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Associate Professor Masashi Unoki
【Theme of Research】
Study on Protection of Speech Privacy Utilizing Speech Transmission Index
Kansai University
Assistant Professor Tatsuki Tahara
【Theme of Research】
Development of Instantaneous Multi-Wavelength Holographic Measurement System and Its Application to Multicolor Three-Dimensional Image Sensing
Osaka University
Associate Professor Shinichi Fukushige
【Theme of Research】
Development of an Augmented Reality System for Interactive Editing of Real Objects
The University of Tokyo
Research Associate Ryo Yonetani
【Theme of Research】
A Study on Gaze Tracking Using Screen Illuminations
Kumamoto University
Associate Professor Yoshikazu Uchiyama
【Theme of Research】
Sophistication of Computer-Aided Detection Scheme for Intracranial Unruptured Aneurysms
Nagoya University
Professor Shun’ichi Kuroda
【Theme of Research】
Development of Olfactory Cell Array Sensor for Digitalizing Odors
Tohoku University
Associate Professor Hideaki Goto
【Theme of Research】
Development of Scene Text Reading Assistant Device for the Blind
Saga University
Assistant Professor Maiko Sakamoto
【Theme of Research】
Development of a Screening Algorithm and Touch-Based Neuropsychological Test Battery for Detection of Mild Dementia
Waseda Institute for Advanced Study
Assistant Professor Eriko Sugimori
【Theme of Research】
The Mechanism of Projecting Identity into a Virtual Reality Avatar
Kitakyushu National College of Technology
Associate Professor Takashi Takimoto
【Theme of Research】
Development of the Remote Monitoring System by Multiple Autonomous Flying Robots
Nihon University
Professor Hitoshi Tsunashima
【Theme of Research】
Development of a Portable Neurofeedback System for Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
Osaka University
Professor Makoto Osajima
【Theme of Research】
Research on Legal Problems and Economic Analysis for the Promotion of the Use of Big Data Held by Public Sectors
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Professor Harukata Takenaka
【Theme of Research】
Influence of Development of Information Communication Technology of Japanese Politics and Administration
Yamagata University
Associate Professor Shingo Hamanaka
【Theme of Research】
The Political Impact of Social Media on the Arab Spring from the Perspective of Political Informatics.
Institute of Information Security
Professor Takeshi Hiromatsu
【Theme of Research】
Socioeconomic Impacts of Social Media on Mobile Communications Business in Japan