The Research Grant Recipients
USA China Korea Japan

University of California, Berkeley
Departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor Alexandre M. Bayen
【Theme of Research】
Design, Implementation and Testing of Algorithms for Rewarded Reroutes
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Assistant Professor Sylvia Ratnasamy
【Theme of Research】
Building Software-Centric Networks
Stanford University
Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Associate Professor Philip Levis
【Theme of Research】
Simulating Fluids in the Data Center with Nimbus
Stanford University
Departments of Electrical Engineering and Statistics
Associate Professor Andrea Montanari
【Theme of Research】
Machine Learning Methods for Healthcare Data Systems
University of California, Los Angeles
Computer Science Department
Professor Wei Wang
【Theme of Research】
Intelligent Analysis and Exploration in Massive Biomedical Data
University of Southern California
Computer Science Department
Assistant Professor Yan Liu
【Theme of Research】
Frontiers and Challenges in Big Data Analytics for Sustainability
California Institute of Technology
Division of Engineering and Applied Science
Assistant Professor Venkat Chandrasekaran
【Theme of Research】
Computational and Statistical Tradeoffs in Large-Scale Data Analysis
California Institute of Technology
Division of Biology and Biological Engineering
Assistant Professor >Lulu Qian
【Theme of Research】
Molecular Programming with Synthetic Nucleic-Acid Systems
Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics Institute
Associate Professor J. Andrew Bagnell
【Theme of Research】
Machine Learning for Intelligent Robotics


Peking University
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
Professor  Qianxiang Wang
【Theme of Research】
Application Sensitive Resource Management for PaaS
Tsinghua University
State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems,
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Director, Professor  Xiaoyan Zhu
【Theme of Research】
Knowledge Representation, Acquisition and Utilization under Big Data from the Internet
Fudan University
School of Information Science and Technology
Professor Xin Wang
【Theme of Research】
A Design-Space Oriented Cross-Layer Optimization Approach for Wireless Internet Applications
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering
Associate Professor Xiaochun Li
【Theme of Research】
Research on Modeling and Design of Power Distribution Network(PDN)


Seoul National University
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor Jihong Kim
【Theme of Research】
A Study on Improving the Performance/Lifetime/Power Consumption of NAND-Based Storage Systems by a Vertically Integrated Approach
Korea University
Graduate School of Information Security
Professor Dong Hoon Lee
【Theme of Research】
Practical Identity-Based Encryption System
Yonsei University
Department of Computer Science
Associate Professor SuKyoung Lee
【Theme of Research】
Mobile Data Offloading with Network Selection Algorithm Considering User Behavior in multi-WLAN/Cellular Networks (Mobile Data Networking)


Osaka University
Professor Shigemasa Takai
【Theme of Research】
Distributed Onlien Diagnosis Based on Discrete Event System Model and Its Application to Mobile Systems
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Associate Professor Takuji Arima
【Theme of Research】
Development of Secure and High-efficiency On-body Communication Technique
The University of Electro-Communications
Associate Professor Hiroyuki Kasai
【Theme of Research】
Video Transcoding and Multi-media Integration for Interactive Multivision Provisioning
Kyoto University
Lecturer Msaaki Nagahara
【Theme of Research】
Low-power and Reliable Communications for Radio Control based on Sparse Optimization
Meiji University
Associate Professor Sayaka Akioka
【Theme of Research】
Parallelization of Huge and Fast Data Stream Analysis on Hybrid Computers
Kobe University
Assistant Professor Kazuya Murao
【Theme of Research】
An Automatic Annotation Method of Sensed Data for Activity Recognition
The University of Electro-Communications
Assistant Professor Hiroyuki Sato
【Theme of Research】
A Study on Large Scale Design Optimization by Using Evolutionary Algorithms
Database Center for Life Science
Project Assistant Professor Yuki Naito
【Theme of Research】
An Ultrafast Search Engine for Genes and Transcripts
Hirosaki University
Associate Professor Yasushi Iwatani
【Theme of Research】
Autonomous Flight Control of a Nano-Scale Helicopter
The University of Tokyo
Assistant Professor Hiroki Kobayashi
【Theme of Research】
Carrier Pigeon-like Sensing System as Distributable Spatial Information Sensors
The University of Tokyo
Lecturer Hideki Nakayama
【Theme of Research】
Fine-grained Recognition and Information Presentation of Thousands of Real-world Objects through First-person Vision Device
Osaka University
Associate Professor Takuya Maekawa
【Theme of Research】
Sensing and Recognizing Eating Activities for Future Dining Table
Aoyama Gakuin University
Assistant Professor Noriko Katsuya
【Theme of Research】
The Effects of Communication through Writing App for Hard-of-hearing People
Matsue College of Technology
Professor Kiichi Tanabe
【Theme of Research】
A Proposal of Text Input Interface Using Micro Movement of Eyelid Associated with Eye Closure
Hokkaido University
Associate Professor Jun Nishikawa
【Theme of Research】
Research on an Artificial Auditory Smart-implant which can Adjust Its Own Emergent Functions during On-going Age-related Hearing Impairment
Niigata University
Professor Junichi Hori
【Theme of Research】
Brain Computer Interface using Event-Related Potential Induced by Tactile Stimuli
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Senior Researcher Toshikatsu Washio
【Theme of Research】
Dose Compressed Sensing Enable Ultra-short Time MR Elastography?
Chiba University
Associate Professor Keigo Obayashi
【Theme of Research】
Governmental Data Acquisition from Internet Provider and the Right to Privacy
Aomori University
Professor Hirohide Shibutani
【Theme of Research】
A Study for Detecting Differences among the PC, Tablet, Smartphone, and Cell Phone as a Responding Medium in a Web Social Survey
Wako University
Senior Assistant Professor Hajime Sueki
【Theme of Research】
Prediction of Users' Suicidality Using Action History on the Internet
Teikyo University
Professor & Dean of Graduate School of Public Health Kazue Yamaoka
【Theme of Research】
Influence of Mass Media Reports on the Disaster Victims: Fusion of Social Science and Medicine for Analysis of Survey at 1 year from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami