The Research Grant Recipients
USA China&Korea Japan

University of California, Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Assistant Professor Natacha Crooks
【Theme of Research】
Towards Scalable Decentralized Databases
Stanford University
Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Assistant Professor Chelsea Finn
【Theme of Research】
Generality and Dexterity in Visuomotor Control
Univeraity of California, Los Angeles
Computer Science Department
Assistant Professor Nanyun Peng
【Theme of Research】
Detecting and Reducing Hallucination of Generative Language Models
University of Southern California
Department of Computer Science
Associate Professor Xiang Ren
【Theme of Research】
Building NLP Systems with Generality and Common Sense
University of Southern California
Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor Feng Qian
【Theme of Research】
Towards Robust Video Streaming over Next Generation Mobile Networks
California Institute of Technology
Division of Biology and Biological Engineering
Assistant Professor Joseph Parker
【Theme of Research】
Evolving Stability in a Multispecies Network
Carnegie Mellon University
Language Technologies Institute
Assistant Professor Daniel Fried
【Theme of Research】
Pragmatic Language Interfaces: Modeling Human Users of Natural Language Processing Systems


Peking University
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
Associate Professor Shiliang Zhang
【Theme of Research】
Fine-Grained Visual Perception in the Wild
Tsinghua University
Institute for Network Sciences and Cyberspace
Associate Professor Chao Zhang
【Theme of Research】
Data-Driven Software Security Analysis
Fudan University
School of Information Science and Technology
Associate Professor Yan Wang
【Theme of Research】
Theory and Design of Low-Cost Compact Millimeter-Wave Phased Array Antenna for Mobile Phones
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Department of Electronic Engineering
Associate Professor Jian Pang
【Theme of Research】
Research on Area- and Power-Efficient Silicon-Based Millimeter-Wave Phased-Array Transceivers Targeting Over 100Gbps
Seoul National University
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor Jinwook Seo
【Theme of Research】
Interactive Cluster Examination in Multidimensional Views Using Distortion-Conscious Brushing
Korea University
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor Won-Ki Jeong
【Theme of Research】
Histopathology Image Analysis Using Incomplete and Weak Labels
Yonsei University
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Assistant Professor Dokyung Song
【Theme of Research】
Democratizing Confidential Computing at the Edge through Security-Preserving Optimizations


Hosei University
Professor Katsumi Konishi
【Theme of Research】
Deep Unfolding for Enormous Matrices
The University of Tokyo
Project Research Associate Shun Kojima
【Theme of Research】
Development of Physical Layer Security for Visible Light Communications
Kyoto University
Assistant Professor Ryuta Shiraki
【Theme of Research】
Digital Signal Processing Enabling Large-Capacity Photonic Networks
Osaka University
Assistant Professor Daisuke Hisano
【Theme of Research】
Joint Source-Channel Coding Scheme for Image/Video Transmission
Osaka University
Associate Professor Ken Mishina
【Theme of Research】
Study on All-Optical Signal Processing for Ultra-Low-Latency and High-Capacity Optical Networks
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Senior Research Scientist Daisuke Shimamoto
【Theme of Research】
Research on AI to Generate the Extrapolation and Explainable Mathematical Models Leading to the Development of Data-Driven Materials
The University of Tokyo
Project Assistant Professor Satoshi Nakagawa
【Theme of Research】
Development of a Dialogue System Guiding QOL Improvement Based on Comprehensive User Understanding
The University of Tokyo
Assistant Professor Yusuke Hayashi
【Theme of Research】
Design Platform of Cryoprotective Agents with in silico Simulation
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Professor Kaori Fujinami
【Theme of Research】
Confusion Recognition in Assembly Tasks Based on Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion and Active Learning
Asahikawa Medical University Hospital
Assistant Professor Katsuyoshi Ando
【Theme of Research】
Development of an Al-Based Ulcerative Colitis Diagnosis System Using Advanced Image Correction and Deep Learning
Okayama University
Professor Okayasu Mitsuhiro
【Theme of Research】
Development on Barrier Free System Using Magnetic Fields and Information and Communication Technology for Blind People on Station Platform
University of Fukui
Associate Professor Tomoya Kawakami
【Theme of Research】
Construction of a Safe Route Recommendation System Based on Driver Characteristics Utilizing Telematics Data
Keio University
Project Assistant Professor Eisuke Shimizu
【Theme of Research】
Application of Information and Communication Technology: Development and Practical Application of New Ophthalmic Care Using Smartphone Ophthalmic Medical Devices that Enable Ophthalmic Care in Developing Countries and Medically Underserved Areas
Kyushu University
Professor Jun Tanimoto
【Theme of Research】
Dynamic Control for Avoiding Pandemic of New-Emerging Epidemic by Social Information System to Offer Vaccination through loT Devices in After-Corona Era
University of Yamanashi
Associate Professor Ryosuke Onoda
【Theme of Research】
Psychological Mechanisms of Responsibility in the Diffusion of Misinformation
Ritsumeikan University
Associate Professor Xue Dou
【Theme of Research】
Impact of Others Reactions on Accessing the Credibility of News for Correcting Misinformation
University of Tsukuba
Professor Yutaka Hoshino
【Theme of Research】
Research on Information Protection in Lawsuit Record Management Associated with the Use of IT in Civil Lawsuits