The Research Grant Recipients
USA China&Korea Japan

University of California, Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Assistant Professor Joseph Gonzalez
【Theme of Research】
The Study of Algorithms, Abstractions, and Systems for Machine Learning Lifecycle Management
Stanford University
Department of Electrical Engineering
Assistant Professor Ayfer Ozgur
【Theme of Research】
Massive Wireless Random Access: Principles and Protocols
University of California, Los Angeles
Computer Science Department
Assistant Professor Kai-Wei Chang
【Theme of Research】
Reducing Implicit Societal Bias in Artificial Intelligence Systems
University of Southern California
Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering
Professor Hossein Hashemi
【Theme of Research】
Monolithic Optical Phased Arrays for 3D Point Cloud Generation
California Institute of Technology
Division of Engineering and Applied Science
Assistant Professor Yisong Yue
【Theme of Research】
A Unifying Framework for Data-Driven Formal Methods & Control
Carnegie Mellon University
Machine Learning Department
Assistant Professor Ameet Talwalkar
【Theme of Research】
Methods for Democratizing Machine Learning


Peking University
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
Associate Professor Xiaoru Yuan
【Theme of Research】
Enhancing Visualization with Machine Intelligence
Tsinghua University
Institute for Network Science and Cyberspace
Professor Haixin Duan
【Theme of Research】
Finding Poisonous Needles in Huge Haystacks: Investigating Online Underground Economy and Cybercrime (Cyber Security)
Fudan University
School of Information Science and Technology
Associate Professor Chongbin Xu
【Theme of Research】
Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) with Decentralized Control
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering
Associate Professor Hong-Li Peng
【Theme of Research】
Investigation on Multi-Band Meta-Surface Based Antennas for Next Generation Sub6G Base Station Applications
Seoul National University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Yongtaek Hong
【Theme of Research】
Printing-Based Stretchable Hybrid Electronics for Wearable/IoT Patch Devices (Human Well-Being, Novel UI/UX, Robot Skin, Smart Factory, Sensor/Display)
Korea University
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor Taeweon Suh
【Theme of Research】
Safeguarding Personal Record in Blockchain-Based Systems Using Programmable SoCs
Yonsei University
Department of Computer Science
Professor Won Suk Lee
【Theme of Research】
An Multi-Level Abstraction and Synchronization Method Based on Individual Differential Privacy


Hiroshima University
Professor Noriyuki Hatakenaka
【Theme of Research】
A Theoretical Study on Quantum Bayesian Neural Networks
Saga University
Associate Professor Masanori Hirotomo
【Theme of Research】
Development of Lightweight Identification and Signature Schemes Using Low-Density Parity-Check Codes
University of Yamanashi
Research Assistant Professor Takahiro Kodama
【Theme of Research】
Study on All-Optical Encryption-Key Mixer for Optical Repeater Node
Niigata University
Professor Shigenobu Sasaki
【Theme of Research】
Wireless Powered Sustainable Wireless Sensor Networks
Kumamoto University
Professor Takeshi Fukusako
【Theme of Research】
Development of Broadband Antennas for the Use of Orbital Angular Momentum
The University of Electro-Communications
Associate Professor Motoharu Matsuura
【Theme of Research】
Research on Optically Powered Drone Using Optical Fibers
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Associate Professor Kiyofumi Tanaka
【Theme of Research】
Automatic Optimization Environment of Real-Time Systems for the IoT Era
Osaka University
Assistant Professor Hirosato Seki
【Theme of Research】
A Study on a Structure of Deep Fuzzy Inference Models and its Application to Medical Diagnosis
Okayama University
Professor Norikazu Takahashi
【Theme of Research】
Constrained Consensus Algorithms: Convergence Analysis and Application to Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Kanazawa Medical University
Associate Professor Tetsufumi Ito
【Theme of Research】
Basic Research Related to Information Compression of Speech Sounds: Coding Principle of Temporal Information of Sound
The University of Tokyo
Associate Professor Nozomu Yachie
【Theme of Research】
Data Cryptography Using DNA
Chiba University
Associate Professor Shoko Imaizumi
【Theme of Research】
A Study on Texture Information Embedding for Spot Color Printing
Kyushu University
Associate Professor Ryoko Ueoka
【Theme of Research】
Prototyping Concerning Autonomous and Sustainable Regeneration of Things
Ritsumeikan University
Professor Takanobu Nishiura
【Theme of Research】
A Study on Wearable Audio-Spot Using Acoustic Lens with Gas Layer
The University of Tokyo
Associate Professor Atsushi Yamashita
【Theme of Research】
Self-Localization and Mapping with Mobile Robot in Indoor Environment Including Transparent Objects
The University of Tokyo
Project Researcher Ayumi Arai
【Theme of Research】
Developing High-Frequency Human Mobility Data Inferring Transportation Modes
Gifu University
Professor Yasuo Inoshima
【Theme of Research】
Development of On-Site Diagnostic Method of Infectious Diseases in Domestic Animals in Mountainous Area Using a Smartphone
Waseda University
Associate Professor Shinjiro Umezu
【Theme of Research】
Measurement of Vital Data Inside of Cell Structure Utilizing Smart Electronics Sheet
Nagoya University
Professor Masahiro Ohka
【Theme of Research】
Development of a Wearable Rehabilitation System Using Kinesthetic Illusion
Nagoya University
Associate Professor Tadaaki Furuhashi
【Theme of Research】
System Development of Web Consultation for Japanese and French Young Hikikomori
Nagasaki University
Associate Professor Michiko Ogaku
【Theme of Research】
The Incentive Effect of Coarse and Refined Reporting: Theory and Experiment
Tohoku University
Professor Yoshikuni Ono
【Theme of Research】
Research on Visual Information Cues and Political Judgement
Komatsu University
Associate Professor Yushi Chiba
【Theme of Research】
Comparative Study on Media, Control and Surveillance in the Contemporary Middle East
Shimane University
Professor Tetsuo Noda
【Theme of Research】
Estimation of Economic Effect Based on the Fact-Finding Survey of Open Data Utilization Policy