The Research Grant Recipients
USA China&Korea Japan

University of California, Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Assistant Professor Alessandro Chiesa
【Theme of Research】
Post-Quantum Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Secure Distributed Systems
Stanford University
Computer Science Department
Assistant Professor Zakir Durumeric
【Theme of Research】
Systems and Analytical Foundations to Regain Visibility into Network Traffic
University of California, Los Angeles
Department of Bioengineering
Assistant Professor Jun Chen
【Theme of Research】
Internet-connected smart textiles for personalized digital health care
University of Southern California
Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor Ashutosh Nayyar
【Theme of Research】
Strategic decision-making for communication and control in decentralized systems
California Institute of Technology
Division of Engineering and Applied Science
Assistant Professor Katherine L. Bouman
【Theme of Research】
AI Meets Real-World Science: Optimal Sensing for Next-Generation Imaging
California Institute of Technology
Division of Biology and Biological Engineering
Assistant Professor Matt Thomson
【Theme of Research】
Self-organizing artificial neural networks through bio-inspired developmental algorithms
Carnegie Mellon University
The Robotics Institute
Assistant Professor Henny Admoni
【Theme of Research】
Proactive Assistive Human-Robot Interaction


Peking University
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
Associate Professor Dan Hao
【Theme of Research】
History-Guided Software Testing
Tsinghua University
School of Information and Science Technology
Professor Changyong Pan
【Theme of Research】
Broadband Multimedia Broadcasting System Using Power Line and Visible Light Communication Techniques
Fudan University
School of Information Science and Technology
Associate Professor Hui Feng
【Theme of Research】
Sampling Theory of Time-Vertex Graph Signals
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering
Associate Professor Ping Li
【Theme of Research】
Advanced Photoconductive Terahertz Source Modeling and Design
Seoul National University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Byonghyo Shim
【Theme of Research】
Artificial Intelligence-Empowered Ultra Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC) in 5G and 6G
Korea University
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor Heuiseok Lim
【Theme of Research】
Incorporating Intuitive Knowledge for Human-Inspired Machines
Yonsei University
Department of Computer Science and Department of Artificial Intelligence
Assistant Professor Jinho Lee
【Theme of Research】
Processing-In-Memory Based System for Low-Cost Distributed Deep Learning


Waseda University
Research Associate Kazuaki Tanaka
【Theme of Research】
Verified Numerical Computations for Elucidation of Phase Separation Phenomena
Nihon University
Professor Kouichi Genda
【Theme of Research】
A Research on Topology Control for Ad-Hoc Networks Combining IoT Devices
Waseda University
Junior Researcher Masashi Tawada
【Theme of Research】
A Research on Secure Quantum Computing and Ising Machines
The University of Electro-Communications
Associate Professor Celimuge Wu
【Theme of Research】
Trustworthy Vehicular Networks with Integration of Prediction, Control, and Evolution
Nippon Institute of Technology
Professor Takefumi Hiraguri
【Theme of Research】
Large-Scale Drone Mesh Networks Technology for Disaster Support and Information Collection
Meisei University
Associate Professor Yasutaka Wada
【Theme of Research】
Prototype Study of a Self-Evolving Inference System Using FPGAs
Osaka University
Specially Appointed Professor Wataru Takano
【Theme of Research】
Artificial Intelligence for Human Behavior Prediction Based on Storyline
Nagoya University
Associate Professor Koichi Fujiwara
【Theme of Research】
Development of Novel Anomaly Detection Method by Combining Statistical Process Control and Autoencoder
University of Fukui
JSPS PD Fellow Takuya Kajitani
【Theme of Research】
Development of a Novel Technology to Quantify Epigenetic Heterogeneity
The University of Tokyo
Lecturer Daisuke Kuroda
【Theme of Research】
Rational Antibody Design Through Machine Learning and Moleculer Simulations
Hokkaido University
Associate Professor Daisuke Sakamoto
【Theme of Research】
Volumetric Cursor Technique for the Eye-Gaze Intaraction on Virtual Reality
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Associate Professor Tomoaki Nishino
【Theme of Research】
Development of Single-Molecule Actuator Using Tunneling Current Measurement
Kyoto Sangyo University
Associate Professor Shigeyuki Hirai
【Theme of Research】
Development of Infrared Touch Sensing Display Transmitted via Artificial Marble Plate
Kyoto University
Assistant Professor Kougoro Iwanaga
【Theme of Research】
Construction and Operation Verification of Perinatal Medical Network Infrastructure Using ICT to Strengthen Regional Hospitals Cooperation
Daiichi Institute of Technology
Professor Katsutoshi Oe
【Theme of Research】
Wearable Information Presentation System for Sight/Hearing Disabled with Electrical Stimulation
Keio University
Project Instructor Hiroki Kajita
【Theme of Research】
A Research on Immersive Free-Viewpoint Surgical Video Training System
International University of Health and Welfare
Associate Professor Tomoko S. Kato
【Theme of Research】
Establishment of Remote Diagnostic Algorithm to Detect Allograft Rejection in Heart Transplant Recipients Using Japan-Specific Epigenetic Analysis and Imaging Technology
Kyushu University
Professor Kazuo Kiguchi
【Theme of Research】
Micro Force Feedback by Machine Learning - A Microsurgery Robot
Tokyo Dental College Ichikawa General Hospital
Department Director and Associate Professor Mirai So
【Theme of Research】
An Evaluation of Antidepressant Efficacy of a Large-Scaled Tele-Psycotherapy (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) in the Space of Virtual Reality
Chiba Institute of Technology
Associate Professor Sou Nobukawa
【Theme of Research】
Early Diagnostic System for Dementia with Dynamical Phase Difference of EEG for Arrival of Super-Aging Society
Ritsumeikan University
Professor Yutaka Usui
【Theme of Research】
A Comparative Law Research on Digital Inheritance
Hokuriku Gakuin University
Lecturer Jin Kato
【Theme of Research】
Flaming on Social Networking Services Based on an Egocentric Bias
Osaka City University
Professor Katsunori Kaneko
【Theme of Research】
Economic Development and Cashless Economy in the ASEAN Transitional Economies -Quantitative Analysis of Electoronic Payment Utilization-
Nara Women's University
Professor Michiko Nakayama
【Theme of Research】
A Research on Meeting up by SNS among Elementary School Students