The Research Grant Recipients
USA China&Korea Japan

University of California, Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Associate Professor Prabal Dutta
【Theme of Research】
Moving Beyond Backscatter to Network a Trillion IoT Sensor Tags
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Assistant Professor Sophia Shao
【Theme of Research】
Building Domain-Specific Systems at Scale
Stanford University
Computer Science Department
Assistant Professor Adam Bouland
【Theme of Research】
Foundations of Near-term Quantum Advantage from Quantum Optics
University of California, Los Angeles
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Assistant Professor Yuan Tian
【Theme of Research】
Towards Trustworthy Human-AI Collaborations
University of Southern California
Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor Pierluigi Nuzzo
【Theme of Research】
Trustworthy Intelligent Autonomy: A Contract-Based Approach
California Institute of Technology
Division of Engineering and Applied Science
Assistant Professor Joseph Falson
【Theme of Research】
Precision Quantum Matter for Entangled Quantum Information Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics Institute
Assistant Professor Deepak Pathak
【Theme of Research】
Towards Continually Improving Robots in the Wild


Peking University
School of Computer Science
Associate Professor Sujian Li
【Theme of Research】
Knowledge-Integrated Question Generation for Machine Reading Comprehension
Tsinghua University
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Associate Professor Min Zhang
【Theme of Research】
Fair explainable search and recommendation in the heterogeneous environment
Fudan University
Department of Communications Science and Engineering
Professor Chao Shen
【Theme of Research】
Visible Laser Light Communication for Internet of Underwater and Underground Things (IoU2T)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Department of Electronic Engineering
Engineer Liyun Shi
【Theme of Research】
Characterization and Measurement on Interconnects of Millimeter-Wave Heterogeneous Integration Circuit
Seoul National University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Wan Choi
【Theme of Research】
Distributed Matrix Multiplication in Wireless Networks
Korea University
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Associate Professor Junbeom Hur
【Theme of Research】
Securing Machine Learning Services in Cloud Computing
Yonsei University
College of Computing
Associate Professor Byungjoo Lee
【Theme of Research】
Simulating Human Steering Behavior with a Deep Reinforcement Learning Agent


Kyushu University
Associate Professor Haruki Kiyama
【Theme of Research】
Development of Measurement Method for Spin Qubits in an Integrated Quantum Dot Device
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Associate Professor Yu Nayakama
【Theme of Research】
Mechanism Design for Encouraging Device-to-Device Communication
Nagoya University
Professor Takaya Yamazato
【Theme of Research】
VLC Signal Transmission Equipment Suitable for the Rolling Shutter Method
Tokyo City University
Professor Junko Ichino
【Theme of Research】
Methods of Presenting Gaze-Awareness in Virtual Space for Serendipitous Encounter and Evidence for its Effectiveness
The University of Tokyo
Assistant Professor Keisuke Ota
【Theme of Research】
Dimensional Reduction of Single Neuron Networks Based on Non-Uniformity in the Cerebral Cortex
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International
Senior Researcher Haruo Hosoya
【Theme of Research】
Basic Research on Artificial Intelligence Inspired by Hippocampus
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Professor Hideyuki Shimizu
【Theme of Research】
Informational Infrastructure Research for the Treatment of Infectious Diseases
Chiba University
Professor Seiji Nakagawa
【Theme of Research】
Elucidation of Perception and Propagation Mechanisms of Bone-Conducted Sound Presented on the Face and the Scalp and its Application to Novel Hearing Devices
The University of Tokyo
Professor Tamotsu Murakami
【Theme of Research】
Physical Mock-up Technology to Digitize Upstream Stage of Design
Sapporo Medical University
Researcher Tomohiro Ishinuki
【Theme of Research】
Development of Health Systems to Digitalize Patient Education and to Collect Biometric Information Immediately
Juntendo University
Associate Professor Takenori Inomata
【Theme of Research】
Deep Phenotyping for Dry Eye using Digital Information and Genomics
Keio University
Senior Assistant Professor Arihiro Iwasaki
【Theme of Research】
Efficient Discovery of Drug Seed Compounds using Information-Processing Technology
Seikei University
Associate Professor Takeshi Sakurada
【Theme of Research】
Development of Digital-Linked Neurofeedback Training System
Fujita Health University
Professor Tomoyuki Shibata
【Theme of Research】
AI Program for Gastric Cancer after Helicobacter Pylori Eradication
Waseda Institute of Political Economy
Junior Researcher Haichun Yu
【Theme of Research】
Shifting Public Sentiment on Weibo during the COVID-19 Lockdown in Wuhan
Yamagata University
Lecturer Yuhei Urano
【Theme of Research】
Regulating Emotions using Social Media: An Exploratory Study
Kansai Gaidai University
Assistant Professor Sooyeon Kim
【Theme of Research】
The Visibility of International News Coverage and the News Values Shaping it: An Analysis of Online News Media
Meiji University
Professor Yuiko Fujita
【Theme of Research】
The Influence of Location-Sharing Social Media on Young People's Attitudes and Behaviors
Aichi Toho University
Professor Esteban Miyashiro
【Theme of Research】
Research on the Feasibility of using Learning Management Systems to Fasten the Integration into the Society of Immigrant Children in Japan Who Do Not Attend Scool