Aug.22,1986 The Okawa Foundation was established by the late Mr.Isao Okawa in Japan, and approved as an authorized non-profit organization by Japanese Government. At first, its endowment fund was 500 million yen donated by him.
Nov.13,1986 Mr.Moriya Koyama and the late Mr.Isao Okawa were appointed as Chairman and President, respectively, at the first Board meeting of Directors and Councillors.On the same day, a Reception was held at“La Tour D'Aargent”, Hotel New Otani Tokyo, to celebrate the establishment of the Foundation.
June.9,1987 The first Research Grant Presentation Ceremony was held at ANA Hotel Tokyo.
Feb.15,1989 The Okawa Foundation was approved as an organization with the special status of benefiting the public, by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications(Currently, the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications.).
Feb.3,1992 Symposium and Reception were held at ANA Hotel Tokyo, to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Foundation.
Nov.24,1992 The Foundation has begun the Prize and Award Activities(both of the Okawa Prize and the Okawa Publications Prize), to commemorate the 5th anniversary, and the first Prize Presentation Ceremony was held at ANA Hotel Tokyo.
June.8,1993 The late Mr.Isao Okawa donated 3 billion yen and the total endowment fund of the Foundation has become to 5 billion yen.
Oct.31,1995 The GII Junior Summit was held in Tokyo.(Special Cooperation)
Oct.7,1996 In commemoration of its 10th anniversary, the Foundation decided to focus on globalizing their activities (especially for the Okawa Prize and Research Grant activities).The first Overseas Research Grant Presentations Ceremony was held at Ritz Carlton Hotel, in San Francisco, USA.
Aug.25,2000 Mr.Futoshi Shirai was appointed as the second Chairman of the Foundation.
Mar.16,2001 Mr.Isao Okawa, Founder and first President of the Okawa Foundation, has passed away.
Apr.8,2001 The construction of the Okawa Center, built at Kansai Science City for the purpose of developing and promoting the pioneering research and development, has been completed.
Oct.15,2001 Mr.Yoshiji Fukushima was appointed as the second President.
June.30,2005 Mr.Mitsuo Igarashi has been appointed as new President. Dr.Takayasu Okushima has been appointed as new Chairman of the Foundation.
Oct.5, 2006 In commemoration of its 20th anniversary, The Okawa Foundation has expanded to United States (East).
Nov.22, 2006 In commemoration of its 20th anniversary, The Okawa Foundation has expanded to Asia (China and South Korea).
June.1, 2011 The Foundation was Certified as Public Interest Incorporated Foundation by the Japanese government.
Sep. 22, 2016 Received Consul General’s Commendation from Consul General of Japan in San Francisco for outstanding achievements and contributions to promoting mutual understanding and friendship between the US and Japan.
June. 1, 2017 Awarded Commendation from Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan for outstanding promotion and development of ICT (at Central Memorial Ceremony of FY2017 Radio Day and Info-Communications Promotion Month).